How to Stop Your Business Cards Being Bin Food

May 05, 2017

How to Stop Your Business Cards Being Bin Food

To be thought of, you need to be in view. Out of sight is out of mind. We’re overwhelmed with advertising wherever we go and a lot of it becomes white noise. But those huge brands with big budgets know that if you see and hear from them enough, it’s likely that they’ll cut through it and you’ll think of them first. Even if it’s one of those horrific tunes on a TV advert that irritates the hell out of you. It has rooted itself in your mind. Ta-da!

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We give out business cards in the hope that the first impression we’ve worked blummin’ hard on becomes a lasting one and that we’re forefront in their minds when needed. But after they’ve left, your card remains and reflects your business and shows how much thought and time has gone into it and can be a deciding factor in whether they’re hung on to… or hurled. If impressive enough, you may end up in their fancy box or wallet where those important or inspiring cards of theirs snuggle up together.

If better is possible, good is not enough.

Fact is, business cards are an extension of your marketing so should convey the nature of your business and elements from your website for consistency. Your name, title, company, contact details and social links should be conveniently on one side of the card. Just think if the recipient wanted to scan a whole bunch of cards to save the info, you wouldn’t want any bits missed off.

That doesn’t mean the other side should be blank, it’s a waste… and a pet hate of ours! Make the most of both sides of the card with a high-quality photo of your business or product, a strapline, call to action or even a photo of you in action (not a cheesy C.V. or passport mug-shot though!). You got their attention in the first place so you need to keep it that way with maybe a limited time offer on the back.

Business cards are an inexpensive marketing tool these days so there’s no need to have thousands printed at a time. Information, addresses, email addresses change so keep your cards current and hard-hitting and see business cards in a whole new light. Use them to promote new offers or seasonal times of the year. Don’t be scared. You don’t have to change it all. Small changes can make a BIG difference! Surely you get bored of seeing your cards over and over again too?

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Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create it.

Don’t forget, the ultimate goal is to get people in touch with you and talking about your business. We’re an online generation (have you seen how thin the Yellow Pages are now?) we just Google the type of business we need. The problem is, as soon as your prospective customers or clients hit that search button, you might not even show up in that long list unless you’re paying top dollar for the privilege.

Okay, what aren’t we ever usually without? Our phones! So at your next event or show, have your best ‘non-bin fodder’ business cards at the ready plus an extra-large variation of your business card printed with a prompt for budding clients to take a pic and hopefully it’ll hang around on their phones in-between pics of family birthdays and baby’s firsts. This is also super-handy if you end up running out of business cards at the event… major fail otherwise!

Weeks later when we’re killing time on trains or in lifeless meetings with no Wi-fi, we all scroll through our pics and what will pop up? Boom! Your business details!

We can help keep you out of the bin with bad-ass business cards and event displays. Let’s have a chinwag or a cuppa and talk turkey!

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