How To Create Flyers Like a Pro

June 29, 2017

How To Create Flyers Like a Pro

Staying in your comfort zone is a slippery slope in business. You’re here now because you may have always stuck to that one layout and anxious or eager for change or you may have not ventured into that part of the printed world yet.
As always, cost is a decision maker when choosing how to advertise and ye olde influential leaflet should not be misjudged. Say you’re about to open a café and need to spread the word to a thousand locals, your best bet is cost effective print-based media. TV ads, radio ads and online advertising may not be seen or heard by your target audience.
Don’t underestimate the importance of producing a flashy, fresh and persuasive leaflet. They’re an essential marketing tool to literally get right in the face of your audience no matter what size business you are, what your product is or service type.

Our Top 5 Tips for Loveable Leaflets


1) Short & Snappy Headlines

Try and stick to five words that focus on the main advantage of your service or product. This might be your only chance to get their attention with it being the first part they’ll read so think REAL hard.

2) Show Us Your USPs

Pick five things that make you the best and clearly communicate them on your leaflet. Why are you different to the competition? Do you offer more? Try and keep away from listing what you do or sell as customers are more interested in how you help them. It may seem obvious what they are to you but folk like you to simply spell it out to them to be won over  Put yourself in their shoes, tell them what you’ll get to the bottom of and how you’ll improve their lives.

3) The Big Picture

The quality of the graphics and images you use on any marketing material will instantly affect your brand image and the opinion potential customers form on your service or product. An image can speak a thousand words (before they’ve even read your leaflet) and one impactful pic is worth more than lots of small ones. Consider purchasing existing photography if you don’t have the right high-quality imagery. Or if you can, earmark some budget towards professional photography for a long-lasting and invaluable marketing resource.

4) Don't Cramp the Style!

There’s a psychology to leaflet design. Most will be read top to bottom, left to right so the layout of your key content is important. Keep it brief. It’s not a brochure. Don’t be afraid of some spacing as it will be easier to read. Use the powers of artistic persuasion by dangling a creative carrot to persuade your prospective customers to get in touch for any more info they might want.
Your content needs to be uncomplicated, appealing and direct. Allow your headline, imagery and text to talk and avoid overloading your leaflet with excessive and uninspiring info.
Don’t forget to goof-proof it! Check through every part of the artwork, proof-read every word, price and date and get second and third opinions to see if your customers would easily understand it too.

5) Hold Some, Fold Some

Many will just go for a standard option when it comes to leaflet printing but there’s so many choices for your brand out there and an effortless fold for a change can make your flyer really stand out.


4 Unfashionable Flyer Faults to Avoid


1) How Logo Can You Go?

As much as you may love your logo or think that it must be glaringly obvious, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to feature an in-your-face logo on your leaflet layout. You may be new to leaflet life and be relatively unknown yet so your logo won’t mean much to anybody. Don’t waste precious space, hold back on the size and make use of the space with a hard-hitting headline instead.

2) Who Are Ya?

Thinking all and sundry are your customers is costly when it comes to leaflet distribution. Typifying who your customer truly is will not only refine your leaflet design, it will save you money too. If you haven’t identified them in detail already, try and categorise them by location, age and both social and geographical status. Having as much info as you can on your customer base will help get your product to the right people in the most cost-effective way. Speak their language and ensure any photos of people you use look like your target audience.

3) A Flaccid Footer

It's common to include your contact details at the bottom of the leaflet but that’s hoping that you’ve won the customer over enough for them to get in touch. Give them a final push with an offer that gets them on the phone pronto!

4) One-Sided Printing

Arrrggghhh! Most think that it’s going to double the damage on your budget by printing on both sides. It doesn’t! So you definitely need to think about it as in marketing terms, it’s a waste of valuable space. You could look at it as a penny-pinching mini brochure working hard for you where one side is your cover and the other is your content.

Dishing Out

The Difference between reckless and risk is planning

Safety in Numbers

Seeing 500 leaflets in your online basket may sound like a lot but that’s about a two-inch-high pile and wouldn’t really have a far-reaching effect.
Besides, printing in bulk is cheaper which means that the cost of each leaflet works out less and you can look forward to getting more calls from customers through that wider reach and a better ROI.

Trial and Distribution

This all depends on how many you have and how fast you want them out there.. The most cost-effective but long-winded way is hand-delivering them and poppng in local shops and businesses in the hope that they’re picked up by potential customers and not ruthlessly binned by competitors.
You could persuade family and friends to achieve their 10,000 steps a day and help but depending on volume, it could take some time to complete.
To get maximum reach you've got to dish out a huge bunch of your beautiful leaflets so when it comes to big numbers you've got to consider a professional leaflet distribution service for door to door deliveries in your specified areas.

As much as it may pain you to pay for this 'easy' task, if your time is worth more elsewhere then leave it for them to do and remember where your time is best spent so you don't abandon your business!

It’s a Wrap!


Mould your design, volume and circulation method to fit the market you’re straining for and you’re winning! Wrong design equals disaster. Wrong amount impacts ROI.
Producing effective leaflets is not a stress-free task and easy to get wrong in so many ways with untested choices, inferior tools or poor print quality. There’s also an evolving credibility to font selection. Certain fonts are a humiliating no-no. Comic Sans anyone? *shudders*.
If you need help designing and printing a leaflet, flyer or any other type of marketing material then get in touch for a chat with our super-experienced team.

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