The Biggest Regret Newlyweds Have About Their Evening Reception

May 05, 2017

The Biggest Regret Newlyweds Have About Their Evening Reception

Many photographers skedaddle after the first dance so it’s mainly left to family and friends to capture the evenings shenanigans on their half-dead phones. If you’re having a small wedding with a larger reception, then your workmates, friends you only talk to on Facebook and relatives that your parents made you invite have missed out on your professional pics during the day. So it’s easy to forget who actually turned up to your night-do.

Powered by our obsession with social media and the love of a good selfie (well, we’ve spent time and hard-earnt dollar to look good at a wedding!), it’s hard to imagine an evening do without a ruddy good backdrop to pout and pose in front of. Photo booths are the new ‘cupcake’, a craze that ain’t going nowhere… and maketh the reception!

Wedding Photography Is About Capturing Souls Not Smiles Quote M3 Create

It’s surprising how guests take on a whole new persona when in front of a wedding backdrop, especially with props. These are the carefree poses and pouts that photographers aren’t likely to get out of your guests. No more Mr. Shy Guy!

You may have a photographer or photography package that includes some evening pics and a photo booth service which is fab! … but also comes at a price. For those on a budget, here’s six evening do essentials to get the most from your excited (and possibly inebriated) guests!...

Chalk Boards and Speech Bubbles

A picture is worth a thousand words but your guests may have something to say to you too! Armed with chalks, pens and something to write on, your guests can write or draw any message. Like a visual guestbook that you can reflect on the next morning after three too many flutes of champers yourselves and separate the artists from the p*ss artists!

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Props, Hats, Wigs and Specs

Whether it’s to cover up that make-up that didn’t last all day as promised or that expensive up-do that’s now more of an ‘up-don’t’, everyone loves a good dress-up to unleash their inhibitions.  Even the most camera shy can’t refuse a daft disguise. Just don’t put anything too precious in that box of delights or it may end up in a taxi somewhere never to be seen again. Charity shops and Ebay is your friend!

Wedding Photo Booth Props Smile Glasses M3 Create

A Brilliant Backdrop

Some venues have strict policies about putting up decorations on walls or have a less than pretty corner of the room that you’d love to cover up. Yet another great reason for a big impressive free-standing backdrop. Your photographer may have one, you may have oodles of time (if you’re super-organised!) to make your own, or you can hire or buy them for a quick tick on that long to-do list.


You need to have some sort of prompt to show your guests where to go and what to do so it gets tons of use. Chalkboards are great again as you can write on them when you’re setting up and decorating your venue and know where your photo booth is going to be.

Wedding Photo Booth Directions Props M3 Create


Like, duh! But, if you want to see the pics that you’ve gone to so much trouble to encourage, then make it easy for your guests with a disposable or instant camera.

Don’t forget to create your very own hashtag for your wedding to search online for afterwards and see those taken on phones! Include it on your wedding stationery and dot it about your venue too! By the bar, your cake and even the bathrooms!


Photo booths have made guestbooks MUCH more interesting! Gone are the formal well-wishing comments (apart from Uncle Steve’s and Nanny Pat’s) and replaced with wonky photos stuck down The easiest way to get what you want out of your guestbook is to make it easy! Glue Sticks are the cheapest option or there’s the sticky-back camera film from instant cameras like Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax. Although they can be pricey if you have a lot of guests… or even a handful of snap-happy friends!

Photography is the Memory of our Lives Wedding Quote M3 Create

And that’s it! Smile! Have no regrets, try not to stress and enjoy your day!

If you’d like us to help with any printing you need for your big day, from invitations, photo props, backdrops or even big fancy photos afterwards from your photographer’s disc… we’ll be your honorary bridesmaid bestie!

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